Small Self Administered Pensions

As the name suggests, this form of pension allows individuals the complete flexibility and freedom to buy direct property, shares, unitised investments along with other assets within their pension structure. This type of pension allows you as the beneficiary a greater level of flexibility over any other pension available on the market. Under a Self Administered pension you can select best in class from hundreds of investment providers. Costs under a Self Administered Pension are transparent, clear and easy to understand.   

Self Administered Group

Under this form of pension you have an employer and employee pay a fixed amount into the pension fund which is usually a percentage of the employees salary. The benefit here is that contributions are invested into a fund or multiple funds on behalf of the members of the scheme. Once again we offer complete flexibility and transparency on costs and charges, thus giving our customers best in class funds from investment managers all over the world. If you are reading this as an employer looking to offer a scheme to staff, please do not hesitate to contact us and request a meeting or presentation.

Self Administered Personal Retirement Bond

Our Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond offers customers control of their pension assets and complete flexibility to help shape the future direction of their individual pension pot. The bond offers access to thousands of assets including direct property for you to drop into your individual fund. Unlike a company scheme controlled by Trustees our Personal Retirement Bond gives you the flexibility to make investment decisions relating to your own individual pension. All assets are held for you as the beneficiary within the Bond structure and indeed these assets are segregated within your individual Personal Retirement Bond. 

Welcome to Signature Trustee Services

Welcome to Signature Trustee Services. We are a fully approved Pensioneer Trustee Company specialising in the provision of pension specific structures for our valued customers. We offer Self Administered Pension products that allow clients greater control in managing and selecting their own investments within their individual pension schemes. We tailor bespoke pension structures on a case by case basis to allow clients purchase direct property or to select their own investments to sit within their pension structure.

We will guarantee that the structure chosen for each individual client is the right structure for them and that it conforms with the latest pension legislation. In effect we are the "gate keepers" for your pension working with all associated parties to ensure that your pension scheme remains compliant and that your pension is protected for you as the ultimate beneficiary.

Signature Trustee Services pension products offer transparent cost affective pensions, in turn this gives customers the opportunity to analyse all fees, commissions and charges pertaining to their individual pension fund. In our view, Self-Administered Pensions allow members more control of the investment direction of their fund and more flexibility and choice of investments. We have a choice of using thousands of different Investment Managers as well as allowing customers use their pension to buy direct property.  

We will work with you and your Financial Adviser to achieve the best possible solution for your pension. Why not give our support team a call on 01-4546559 or indeed drop us an email on

Latest News

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The Bill was publiashed yesterday and contains nothing that will upset or change the pensions landscape. Some minor technical amendments to note:

Budget Summary Key Points 2016

We have not covered all the points below but took what we see as important from the budget announcements yesterday. Remember we are paying a lot of taxes and pension contributions are a great way to reduce your tax bills!