About Us

Signature Trustee Services Limited is a fully Irish owned company established in 2007 specialising in providing Trusteeship for every type of pension scheme in Ireland. We employ 12 expert staff highly qualified who have the technical expertise to administer Irish pension funds. Why not consider our firm if you are thinking of setting up a pension for your staff or indeed if you would like to set up an individual pension arrangement. Signature Trustee Services is a family business that was set up originally by Paul and Alan Ryan. The business has developed and grown over the years, maintaining the same core values and principles of trust. These principles have proved to be the cornerstone in the success of the firm to date.    

We welcome any queries you may have regarding Trusteeship or indeed any pension related queries. We strive to cater for all pension needs here at Signature Trustee Services. We will work closely with you and your Financial Adviser to ensure we meet your pension goals and objectives.