Finance Bill 2017 Impact On Pensions

By RYANADMIN, Friday, 20th October 2017 | 0 comments

The Bill was publiashed yesterday and contains nothing that will upset or change the pensions landscape. Some minor technical amendments to note:


Section 16 amends the Irish Real Estate Fund (IREF) regime introduced by Finace Act 2016 to confirm that no withholding tax is to be deducted on payments by a Fund to an AR(M)F or vested PRSA.


Section 62 makes some changes to Section 85, CAT Consolidation Act 2003, which exempts an ARF inheritance by a child over 21 from CAT. The  exemption is extended to include inheritances from RACs and vested PRSAs that are deemed to vest on the owner’s 75th birthday.


Section 63 makes two changes to the CAT dwelling house exemption for gifts/inheritances involving a dependant relative. A CAT charge will not be triggered if the doner dies within 2 years of making the gift. A property transferring to a dependant relative does not need to be the principal private residence of the disponer to qualify for the CAT exemption.

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