Procedure for setting up Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bonds

This is a very straight forward process of following a couple of simple steps:

Step 1:

Please complete the Signature Trustee Services Limited Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond Application. An application can be downloaded from our website. You can find the application listed under the heading "Signature Application Forms" on our main home page. Please can you complete this application in as much detail as possible. Most of the questions are straight forward. If however you are unable to answer a question, please call our support team on 01-4546559 and a member of staff will advise you accordingly. Pensions are complicated so please do not hesitate to ask the team a question, we are expert in this area. Our highly trained staff welcome all queries you might want addressed.

Step 2:

On receipt of the application, the Signature Trustee Services Limited team will commence the process of establishing your new Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond.

Step 3:

As part of the process the team in Signature Trustee Services Limited will contact the Trustees of your old scheme and have them co-sign the application, thus transferring your retained benefits from your existing pension over to your new Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond. This transfer value will be sent to your Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond operating bank account. You as the bond holder and beneficiary are a signatory on your bond Bank Account along with us. Both signatures are needed at all times for the movement of money out of the account.

Step 4:

Your Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond is now established and fully functional for you to select from thousands of available investments from direct property, land, equities and mostly every other form of investment asset.