Procedure for setting up Small Self Administered Pension

This is a very straight forward process of following a couple of simple steps:

Step 1:

Please complete the Signature Trustee Services Application. An application can be downloaded from our website. You can find the application listed under the heading "Signature Application Forms" on our main home page. Please can you complete this application in as much detail as possible. Most of the questions are very straight forward. If you are unable to answer a question, please call our support team on  01-4546730  and a member of our staff will be able to assist you and advise you accordingly. Pensions are complicated, please do not be afraid to ask the team a question, we are expert in the area, highly trained and welcome all queries. 

Step 2:

On receipt of the application the Signature Trustee Services team will put together a pension pack. In this pack a number of documents will need to be signed by you. These documents are as follows:

- Signature Information / Welcome Letter

- Letter of Announcement

- Data Form

- Nomination Form

- Letter of Engagement

- Terms of Business

- Fact Find

- Trust Deed

Every pack we produce is specific to you and your scheme and the pack is based on the information you provided in our application (step 1)

Step 3:

On receipt of the signed pack, Signature Trustee Services then apply to Revenue and the Pensions Authority for your scheme to be approved. We need the approval from Revenue for your scheme to receive its tax exempt pension status.

Step 4:

Your scheme is now established and fully functional for you to select from thousands of available investments ranging from direct property, equities and mostly every other form of asset.