Our Services

Welcome to Signature Trustee Services. We are a fully approved Pensioneer Trustee Company specialising in the provision of Self Administered Pension Structures for our valued customers. We offer Self Administered Pension products that allow clients greater control in managing and selecting their own investments. We tailor bespoke pension structures on a case by case basis to allow clients purchase direct property and other assets within a pension structure. Our pensions are extremely flexible, giving customers the discretion to control the investments held within their pension portfolios. Signature Trustee Pensions give customers a say in where and how their pension is invested.  

We will guarantee that the structure chosen for each individual client is the right structure for them and that it conforms with the latest pension legislation. In effect we are the "gate keepers" for your pension working with all associated parties to ensure that your pension scheme remains compliant and that your pension is protected for you as the ultimate beneficiary.

Our form of pension is fully transparent, this allows you analyse all fees, commission and charges related to your fund.