The Duties of Signature Trustee Services Limited

Signature Trustees are a Revenue Approved Pensioneer Trustee. We are duty bound to act in an independent manner and in accordance with the following rules:

- Act in accordance with the terms and conditions as outlined in your Trust Deed and Rules

- Act in good faith and at all times in the best interest of the Trust beneficiaries (You the Member Beneficiary)

- Act prudently and diligently

- Beware of conflicts of interest

- Maintain confidentiality

- Utilise the services of other professions when required (Legal, Accounting etc.)

- Prepare all the documentation for presentation to the Revenue for approval of the scheme

- The Pensioneer Trustee will register your pension with the Pensions Authority

- Pay the annual registration fee to the Pensions Authority and any levies applicable

- Appoint a Registered Administrator

- Ensure all financial records are kept and are up to date in relation to the scheme

- Confirm that all administration matters of your scheme are compliant and up to date

- Deal with investment managers managing assets within the pension structure

- Work in tandem with the Registered Administrator to provide full reporting to the relevant regulatory authorities. We use Paul Ryan Independent Pension & Financial Consultants as the Registered Administrator for all Signature Trustee Service Pensions.