The Function of Signature Trustee Services Limited

Signature Trustee Services are required if you are considering a Self Administered Pension structure. As Pensioneer Trustees we are approved by the Revenue to administer pension funds for customers and their advisers. A Self Administered Pension is often used when investing into private and commercial property along with direct equity. With a Signature Trustee Services Pension customers have the ability to invest in hundreds of investments offered by multiple investment managers.

As an authorised Pensioneer Trustee we have an important job. We have the responsibility for the administration of your scheme in accordance with the Trust Deed and Rules. We also have the responsibility of insuring that all parties related to the pension are meeting their regulatory duties to the members of the scheme.

A Signature Trustee Services Self Administered Pension will give you the flexibility to invest through your investment manager in be-spoke tailored investments and direct property that traditionally you would have been restricted from investing under other forms of pensions. Our pension will give you an element of control, the charges are clear and transparent and is considered a cost effect way of managing your own pension. 

You need a Pensioneer Trustee to be appointed to a scheme in order to set up a Small Self-Administered Pension.