Self Administered Pensions

As Pensioneer Trustees with over 250 schemes under management we specialise in Self Administered Pensions. Our duty is to ensure that your pension remains compliant with current legislation. We charge a flat fee for our Trustee service annually. If you want to sit a property into your pension than this is the style of pension you need to be considering. 

It is important to state that Pensioneer Trustees are required if you are considering a Self Administered Pension structure. As Pensioneer Trustees we are approved by the Revenue to administer pension funds for customers and their advisers. A Self Administered Pension is used when you are investing in private and commercial property along with direct equity and even shares in private companies. Subject to certain conditions customers have the ability to invest in hundreds of investments offered by multiple investment managers. As an authorised Pensioneer Trustee we have an important job. We have the responsibility for the administration of your scheme.

A Self Administered Pension allows you to invest in be-spoke tailored investments and other investments that you may not be able to invest in under other forms of pension arrangements. It gives you an element of control of your own pension. The charges are clear and transparent and it can be a very cost effective way of managing your pension when you have a clear idea of your investment goals and objectives.

As Pensioneer Trustees we are considered to be expert in pension legislation and all aspects of pension management here in Ireland and indeed internationally.