Self Administered Group Pensions

We specialise in the provision of Self-Administered Group Pension Administration. Under this form of pension you have an employer and employee paying a fixed amount into the pension fund which is usually a percentage of salary. The benefit here is that contributions are invested into a fund or multiple funds on behalf of the members of the scheme. Once again complete flexibility and transparency on costs and charges giving our customers best in class funds from investment managers all over the world. If you are reading this as an employer looking to offer a scheme to staff, please do not hesitate to contact us and request a meeting or presentation.

In the case of a Self Administered Group Pension our Trust Deed is executed from the beginning and under the trust, trustees are appointed to the scheme who have the responsibility of maintaining the scheme assets for the members. We are corporate trustees at Signature Trustee Services and offer corporate trustee services to companies who would prefer to pass on this onerous responsibility to experts in the area. We always recommend a member trustee with ourselves as corporate trustee for group schemes.