Self Administered Personal Retirement Bonds

A Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond (PRB) is sometimes called a Buy Out Bond (BOB) within the industry. This is a defined contribution contract which is independent of any company Trustee. If you are a member of an occupational pension and are leaving service or you have left employment at some stage in the past or indeed if your Company Pension is “getting shut down” then you generally have the entitlement to transfer your benefits into a Personal Retirement Bond. it may be a situation that you wish to "tidy up" a number of retained pension from past employment.  A really important point to consider when looking at your pension options is to consider the PRB as the benefit is personally owned and controlled by you. The main benefit of this pension product is that it allows you move your pension from a company structure into your own name and effectively take control over to your own destiny.

The Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond removes the onus on your Trustee to manage your pension which is the case with a company sponsored occupational pension scheme. Our Signature Trustee Services Limited Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond is fully approved by the Revenue Commissioners.

Our Self-Administered Personal Retirement Bond offers customers control of their pension assets and complete flexibility to help shape the future direction of their pension. The bond offers access to thousands of assets including direct property for you to drop into the fund.

Unlike a company scheme controlled by Trustees our Personal Retirement Bond offers you the flexibility to make investment decisions relating to your own pension. All assets are held for you as the beneficiary within the Bond structure and indeed these assets are segregated within your individual Personal Retirement Bond.