Small Self Administered Pensions

This type of pension is our speciality. In one line "A Small Self Administered Pension or SSAS can be described as a pension that gives you complete control and investment choice when planning for your retirement". You can attempt to manage your one pension or engage the services of your Broker / Financial Adviser or Accountant to act as the Investment Manager. The staff at Signature Trustee Services Limited act as Pensioneer Trustees for over 275 Small Self Administered Pensions arrangements. Importantly Signature Trustee Services works with Brokers, Accountants and directly with clients interested in Small Self Administered Pensions. We charge a fee for this service and this means that all our charges and fees are fully transparent. If you want to purchase a direct property or buy a be-spoke asset of your choice than this style of pension may be suitable for you. It is the most flexible of pension arrangements. The pension can cater and hold multiple investments.

With our up front fee for our services we guarantee no hidden commissions or additional charges. It helps if you have a clear strategy for the investment direction of your pension. It is also a great benefit to the Self Employed as it gives you direct control of your pension and allows you make large company contributions as a vehicle to ease your tax liabilities. As Pensioneer Trustees we have the responsibility of ensuring that your scheme is compliant with Revenue legislation and we do our best to help you achieve your pension goals and objectives.