Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Revenue Approved Pension Scheme which is set up by companies for key employees or company Directors. The pension needs to appoint the services of a Pensioneer Trustee (Signature Trustee Services Limited). The member can decide on the investment direction they wish to follow within their fund. This form of pension offers the greatest level of flexibility over every other pension product on the market. A SSAP will allow the member work with their Pensioneer Trustee and
individual investment advisors to invest in direct shares, property, unitised funds and many other investments. A SSAP offers an expansive variety of investment choice to its member(s). Importantly
our SSAP will give the member full transparency of charges and fees in relation to their pension arrangement. A SSAP (Small Self-Administered Pension) is often considered to be a more flexible
version of what is also known as a Self-Directed Pension and SSAS (Small Self-Administered Scheme).